Portal for integrated personnel resource planning


How does it work?

Would you like to make your personnel resource planning more efficient and are looking for an easy-to-use tool? Abacus offers you the right solution with AbaPlan. Shift work and emergency services can be planned and the service schedule can be sent to the employees. With the user-friendly handling, planning is simple via "Drag & Drop". This ensures that personnel resources are managed efficiently and the overview is guaranteed at all times. Legal regulations regarding overtime and break regulations are automatically taken into account.


Full integration
Employee master data only needs to be entered once and is then available for AbaPlan, Time Recording, Payroll/HR software.

Automatic Repostings
If employees within a company group work for several organizations, cross-divisional entries are automatically created and booked to financial accounting and cost accounting.


Use master data

Abacus Business Software makes master data as well as organizational structure, services and shift plans available.


Create a plan

Services can be assigned to employees via «Drag & Drop». Labour law validations are performed automatically.


Inform employees

All work schedules with names, symbols and colours can be printed and sent and displayed in the MyAbacus employee portal.


Enter time worked

Times are easily recorded via Badge-System (AbaClock), Beacon (AbaPoint), Smartphone-App (AbaClik) or ERP (MyAbacus).


Validate working times

Working times in weekly and monthly overview for review and adjustment; notices to superiors in the event of deviations from the service schedule; monthly work report for employees.


Make payments

Payment of wages and bonuses directly via Abacus Payroll, also for employees on hourly wage based on time recording.



Simple planning of shifts and services, supported by user-friendly, comfortable handling with "Drag & Drop".


Overview of available personnel resources at all times and efficient personnel deployment with integrated processes.


Error avoidance through labour law validation also for planning data (e.g. accidentally planned overtime, break regulations, L-GAV).


Plans per shift and service are possible and can be printed or sent. In addition, an employee view for planned services is available on the desktop in MyAbacus.

Legally compliant

Satisfied employees through fair and legally compliant planning. Security of access rights, as these are hierarchically structured - according to the organisational structure in Abacus.


A platform-independent work overview for different periods is available for supervisors and employees to check and correct employee times.

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